Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

I've tried my best to be on top of my Easter basket game this year, since I've been feeling a bit behind in the festive department lately. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime... and Target Dollar Spot.

After Christmas and birthdays, we're totally over the toys and I'm trying really hard not to include any in the boys' baskets this year. We're basically bursting at the seams in the playroom. 

The only exception is Tegu blocks for Rowan because he has a small set already and loves them! They are magnetic so perfect for keeping a set in the car to keep kids busy at restaurants or on road trips. 

I think I've gotten the Easter Baskets down to a science though, sans toys. That is until my kids are old enough to catch on to the Easter Bunny's strategy and then I guess I'll have to mix it up. 

The basic ingredients of a good toddler Easter basket go like this: 

1 - Swimsuit, Rash GuardBeach Towel, Sandals (we also like Natives), and/or Beach Toys

You're going to need these for the summer anyway so why not put them in the basket? Bonus points because they take up a decent amount of space. 

2 - Outdoor activities like bubbles or chalk

I'm looking at you Target Dollar Spot... I always find festive options here when it comes to outdoorsy things. 

3 - Bath gear like a hooded towel, bath bombs (love these all natural ones that color the water!), or bath paint

Our toddler loves anything that has to do with bath time - probably because playing with it helps him delay bedtime - but I'm on board when it doesn't count as a toy and he still loves it. 

4 - For babies, wooden toys and teethers

I love shopping small for cute little wooden toys and teethers (these delivered really fast and are so cute!) but when in doubt this rattle is a good Prime purchase!

5 - Books

Our toddler loves books and even though we have a million of them already, I rarely say no to a new book. These flap books are perfect for baby's first Easter basket! 

6 - Pajamas

Again, something your babe will probably need for the Spring and Summer so why not throw them in? We're heading to Disney this Summer so I bought the boys matching Mickey jams

7 - Crafts

Paint sets, coloring books, or basically anything that entertains a toddler for longer than 5 minutes is perfect.

8 - Hats, baby bonnet, and/or sunglasses for summer

I love the look of bonnets, even on boys, so I can't wait to see my littlest in a brimmed version!

And in case your kid randomly asks for a Jellyfish kite like mine did, I've got you covered. 

Ok tell me some of your go-tos for Easter baskets! I'm always on the lookout for more variety! 

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  1. Posted about the same thing! Easter for me means summer isn’t coming, so I try and get lots of summery things we need - and will add to our fun! Leo is making out with a bubble machine and a scooter!

  2. Target had these paint-able bird houses that I'm stashing away for their baskets! I also stocked up on those Crayola bath paints :)


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