Our Easter in Charleston

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

It's been a hot minute since I jumped on here and shared a little life update, life just seems to be moving at warp speed these days. This really is the best time of year here in Charleston, and the Easter egg hunt at Magnolia Plantation is one of my favorite Spring traditions here.

I took about a thousand photos at Magnolia, but y'all know I've scaled back sharing the boys' faces so I'm sorry there aren't more to share! 

Living far from family is always a challenge, but especially when holidays come around and we aren't able to celebrate with them, we lean on our amazing group of friends who have become our family here. They are all Charleston transplants with kids of similar ages and we just love them to pieces. 

After the fun of Magnolia Plantation, we had them all over the next day for an Easter potluck and egg hunt in our back yard. We dyed eggs (R's attention span for this lasted about as long as it takes to dye 5 eggs.. ha!), made Easter bunny footprints on the front porch (those were a big hit), and just soaked up our 3-day weekend as much as we could. 

Finn got his first taste of oatmeal cereal over the weekend while we hoped it would help him sleep better... spoiler... it did not. Ha! But R had fun feeding him (pretty sure this was just so he could have more of the attention but regardless, it was a sweet sight!) and its hard to believe we're at that point already!

I've had a ton of requests for posts and have a full blog calendar ready for y'all so I can't wait to share! Now if only my coffee would kick in and I can get my ideas on this virtual paper! :)

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  1. the azaleas are SO pretty!! I'm glad you guys had a great Easter! Little Finn is growing too fast! xoxo


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