Life Lately + Our Halloween

You guys- I've completely neglected this little space of mine and I am so bummed I haven't been able to keep up!


So before I jump into all things holiday, a completed bathroom reno (YAY!), and first birthday party planning (like, what... how!?). The past few months will forever be known as the phase of no sleep, constant questioning of my own parenting skills, and conjuring ALL of the grace I can possibly muster with a threenager and baby who didn't sleep through the night until 9 months old.

Have I mentioned the lack of sleep?

All of that to say I'm currently living off of coffee at all times of the day but I wouldn't trade it for a thing. This season of life is a hard, but damn good!

In September I formally launched my photography business, put in my notice and gave up my full time gig as a Congressional Analyst to take photographs for a living. During the photographer busy season... woof!

I have been SO lucky to be so busy my first few months as a full time photographer that it's been hard to devote a lot of time elsewhere outside of my other full time gig: motherhood.

I love it so much you guys, it really feels "right" as cheesy as that sounds. I get butterflies and over-prepare for sessions that never go exactly how I envision (99% of the time that is a good thing!) and I have found that my love runs deep for capturing the details of motherhood that we'll miss when our babies grow.

We've decided to keep Rowan at home for his Pre-K3 year. It's been a challenge for all of us and some days go better than others, but we think this has been such a good decision so far! I am incredibly grateful my new gig offers me a chance to spend more time with my boys, but to be honest I never thought I'd be homeschooling!

Finn is weeks away from his first birthday which is mind blowing.

We also dressed as the Incredibles but I haven't even gotten a chance to edit those photos yet! Total photographer mom fail.

But this Halloween was definitely our best yet- Rowan's excitement was SO fun to see and it felt like total chaos but I'll never forget it! I can't wait for all of the holiday festivities ahead!!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween with your littles!

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