Self Care and New Year Goals

Here's the deal, I've never been one to keep to resolutions so that isn't happening.

And if I'm forced to pick a "word," it would be "balance."

Last year I struggled hard to wear my many hats. So far this year isn't any different (shocker, right?!) but I am making myself more of a priority than I did before. If it keeps me out of the orthopedic office, PT, and saves my sanity I'll take it. 

If you're new to Tighter Together, it focuses on macro counting, HARD workouts (like I can barely move after the second day.. ha), and the Facebook group that has been so helpful! 

I liked TT better than Faster Way to Weight Loss, which it seems everyone is doing these days, because the workouts are really prioritized. Even after just a few days I can already feel my back problems starting to improve from working out again!

I also bought a litany of anti-aging face serums, dark eye circle correcting cream, and moisturizers. So basically all the products for women whose two kids run them ragged.

Kidding... but not really.

They do run me ragged but in a "I love them so much it hurts but damn give a girl some space to drink her coffee" kind of way.

I'm also on a mission to become a minimalist.

Okay maybe not that far but there is some serious cleaning out going on over here when I'm not chasing my wild boys, photographing other families' babies, or staying up way too late to work.

Alright, tell me: do you have a "word" or are you just throwing out a few completely basic goals I did?

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